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18 Apr

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Which NetApp tool views automated, schedule configuration, and performance data for a customer’s SAN from a Web browser?

A.    Virtual Storage Console
B.    OnCommand Workflow Analyzer
C.    Config Advisor
D.    Active IQ

Answer: B

A customer wants to use both Cisco FC and FCoE switches in their ONTAP environment. According to NetApp best practices, what are two requirements in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    You must use single initiator zoning.
B.    You must create interface groups to isolate FC and FCoE LIFs.
C.    You must create a trunk with multiple virtual LANs.
D.    You must not have more than one target UF for the same physical port in a single fabric zone.

Answer: AD

What does the space allocation argument in a LUN create command do?

A.    It thick provisions the LUN.
B.    It only disables space reclamation for the LUN.
C.    It thin provisions the LUN.
D.    It enables or disables space reclamation for the LUN.

Answer: D

You are deploying an 8-node FAS8200 ONTAP cluster and attaching to an existing FC fabric. Which two ONTAP features would be used to restrict or limit the available paths seen from the host? (Choose two.)

A.    port sets
B.    igroup
C.    VIAN
D.    Selective LUN Map

Answer: AD

You are setting up FC ports and must configure the speeds for both the SAN and the host ports. In this scenario, which statement is correct?

A.    Set the target port speed higher than the switch port speed.
B.    Set the target port speed to auto-negotiation.
C.    Set the target port speed to match the switch port speed.
D.    Set the target port speed lower than the switch port speed.

Answer: B

You must relocate a LUN from one AFF A700 HA pair to another AFF A300 HA pair while preserving all storage efficiencies. What are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    Copy the volume.
B.    Copy the LUN.
C.    Move the volume.
D.    Move the LUN.

Answer: AB

Which two components must be verified for a supported NetApp SAN confutation? (Choose two.)

A.    host memory
B.    host GPU
C.    host multipath
D.    host bus adapter

Answer: CD

An administrator is migrating from a third-party’s SAN to a newly purchased FAS9000. The administrator decides to use the NetApp Foreign LUN Import (FLI) process. What must the administrator do for this process to work properly?

A.    Create multiple igroups for the Initiator ports.
B.    Create six distinct zones that include specific ports within each zone.
C.    Zone target ports of source storage with initiator ports of destination storage.
D.    Make the destination LUN larger than the foreign LUN.

Answer: C

Your server administrator upgraded a Windows 2016 Server from 16 GB to 32 GB HBAs. The application owner is now reporting slower performance to the AFF A700. Which two actions will help troubleshoot performance on the server? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify the HBA model using Hardware Universe.
B.    Verify the HBA firmware using the Interoperability Matrix Tool.
C.    Confirm that LUN mapping exists.
D.    Confirm that Windows Host Utilities is installed.

Answer: AB

What are two examples of supported NetApp FC configurations? (Choose two.)

A.    a single NetApp node directly connected to a single host
B.    a single switched environment with a NetApp node connected to only one host
C.    a dual switched environment with a NetApp node connected to multiple hosts
D.    a single NetApp node directly connected to multiple hosts

Answer: BC


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