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19 Jul

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A customer reported that during maintenance activity, some users were unable to connect to assigned desktops and received an error that the pool had no desktops available. Other users could connect to their assigned desktops without issue. Which three reasons could be the cause of the failure? (Choose three.)

A.    SQL Server was down.
B.    VMware Composer Server was down.
C.    View Connection Server was down.
D.    vCenter Server was down.
E.    App Volumes Manager Server was down.

Answer: CDE

An architect is designing Active Directory (AD) permissions for a Horizon environment that will use pre-existing computer accounts. The AD Security Team has restrictions about the use of service accounts. What two sets of minimum permission are needed to delegate to an AD service account? (Choose two.)

A.    Create Computer Objects, Delete Computer Objects
B.    List Contents, Read All Properties
C.    Read Permissions, Reset Password
D.    Write Permissions, Change Password

Answer: BC

An architect was asked to design a VMware supported solution which will support 3,000 users connecting to a local single floating desktop pool concurrently. Which Horizon View feature must be incorporated into the architect’s design to meet the requirement?

A.    Cloud Pod Architecture
B.    Instant Clones
C.    View Composer
D.    Local Entitlements

Answer: C

A customer wants to deploy VMware Horizon View to support virtual desktops hosted in two different physical locations. It wants users to connect to the location nearest to them to start a session. Which three steps must be completed to enable this functionality? (Choose three.)

A.    Configure one View Pod spanning two sites.
B.    Initialize the Cloud Pod Federation.
C.    Configure Global Entitlements.
D.    Configure VMware User Environment Manager.
E.    Configure two View Pods.
F.    Configure Microsoft SQL Server Always On High Availability.

Answer: ABD

Which should NOT be changed or disabled on a connection server?

A.    Diagnostic System Host
B.    Remote Procedure Call
C.    Security Center
D.    WLAN AutoConfig

Answer: D

A VDI Architect wants to optimize Blast Extreme protocol between 400 Horizon Windows clients and agents on an organization’s LAN. No GPO currently makes Horizon settings to these clients or agents. What GPO setting will improve performance of these systems?

A.    Enable H264
B.    Disable UDP Protocol
C.    Enable UDP Protocol
D.    Disable H264

Answer: B

The IT team for a regional healthcare company wants to provide several applications to iOS and Android tablets and smartphones as well as Mac and Windows laptops using VMware products. It wants to minimize Windows desktop operating system licensing and support costs. Which meets the requirements?

A.    Use Horizon Linked Clones with Writable Volumes.
B.    Use Horizon RDS with application pools.
C.    Use Horizon RDS with Writable Volumes.
D.    Use Horizon Instant Clones with App Volumes.

Answer: B

A company wants to allow sales personnel to use laptops to access the internal VDI. Due to security constraints, VDI desktop pools for travelers will not be granted access to the Internet. Sales personnel however will be able to access links from email or other documents from their VDI sessions. What can be implemented to meet these requirements?

A.    Install View Agent with URL redirection enabled.
B.    Install View Client with URL redirection enabled.
C.    Enable clipboard sharing.
D.    Enable Client Drive redirection.

Answer: D

A customer is deploying a new Horizon View Pool which will support workstations deployed using older third-party zero clients. The older zero clients will be used to access a 3D modeling application. Which protocol should the pool use?

A.    RDP
B.    RGS
C.    PCoIP
D.    Blast Extreme

Answer: D

In a local design, a company selected one database instance to be shared by Horizon View Composer database, vCenter external database, and Horizon AppVolumes database. The design must provide High Availability for all databases. Which two database server options should be selected during physical design creation? (Choose two.)

A.    Oracle 10g
B.    Microsoft SQL Server 2014
C.    Oracle 11g
D.    Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Answer: BC

Which protocol set is used to access physical workstations with high-end 3D graphics cards?

A.    Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RDP, RGS
B.    Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RDP
C.    Blast Extreme, PCoIP
D.    Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RGS

Answer: C

A customer wants to deploy VMware Horizon View to support virtual desktops hosted in two different physical locations and wants users to connect to the location nearest them to start a session. Which three steps must be completed to enable this functionality? (Choose three.)

A.    Initialize Microsoft DFS.
B.    Configure Global Entitlements.
C.    Configure two View Pods.
D.    Configure one View Pod spanning two sites.
E.    Configure two event logging databases.
F.    Initialize the Cloud-Pod Federation.

Answer: CEF

Which three options need to be considered when implementing multiple vCenter Server in App Volumes 2.x? (Choose three.)

A.    Datastore names must be unique.
B.    Each vCenter must use the same credentials.
C.    Host names must be unique.
D.    Portgroups must be unique.
E.    Each vCenter must support Cross vCenter VMotion.

Answer: ABE

Which should be used to reduce vCenter Server overhead and improve performance in a large-scale App Volumes deployment?

A.    AppToggle
B.    Mount on Host
C.    Mount Local
D.    Storage Groups

Answer: B

An architect is deploying Horizon 7.0 on vSAN 6.2. The architect wants to take advantage of the erasure coding feature to save disk space. Each host contains 4TB of capacity flash disk. The desktop base image has 2GB of RAM and a 40GB C: drive. The cluster must support 200 concurrent users. Which two configurations satisfy requirements? (Choose two.)

A.    4-host cluster, FTT=2
B.    5-host cluster, FTT=2
C.    6-host cluster, FTT=2
D.    3-host cluster, FTT=1
E.    4-host cluster, FTT=1

Answer: CE


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