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31 Jul

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What are two methods by which compliance is measured? (Choose two.)

A.    Engine Compliance
B.    Root Compliance
C.    Enterprise Compliance
D.    Real Time Compliance
E.    Cloud Compliance

Answer: AD

On which device operating system does the Email Notification Service (ENS) provide near real-time push notifications for new emails?

A.    iOS
B.    Windows
C.    Android
D.    MacOS

Answer: A

What configuration must an administrator setup to allow users to add their own network shares to VMware Content Locker through the Self Service Portal?

A.    Admin Repository
B.    Manual Template
C.    Personal Content
D.    Automatic Template

Answer: C

What two ways can an administrator use to safeguard sensitive email content? (Choose two.)

A.    Implement the Unified Access Gateway.
B.    Configure the Device Enrollment Program.
C.    Implement SEG Proxy.
D.    Deploy email compliance policies.
E.    Deploy device token authentication.

Answer: CD

What does an administrator need to do to require an end user to accept the Terms of Use (TOU) prior to completing the installation of a Workspace Services Profile?

A.    Enrollment Terms of Use Acceptance.
B.    Enrollment End User License Agreement.
C.    Require an optional prompt.
D.    Register with Apple DEP.

Answer: A

Which Linux command grants the current user account temporary root privileges for a short period of time?

A.    chmod u+x
B.    ./
C.    chmod 777
D.    sudo

Answer: D

Which two configurations can prevent unauthorized email access on non Workspace ONE registered devices? (Choose two.)

A.    Mobile Access Gateway
B.    Mobile Application Management
C.    Conditional Access
D.    Powershell
E.    VMware Enterprise Connector

Answer: BE

Which email policies can be enforced on a device not registered with Workspace Services, but is still trying to access email through the Secure Email Gateway?

A.    Device must be in a specific geo-location.
B.    Device must be password protected.
C.    Device must be using an approved mail client.
D.    Device must not be compromised.

Answer: B

What domain attribute must be included to meet the SAML assertion requirement for Just-In-Time provisioning in Workspace ONE?

A.    email
B.    userName
C.    firstName
D.    lastName

Answer: B

What two telecom data settings can be enabled and collected by an administrator? (Choose two.)

A.    Websites visited while using cellular data.
B.    The total voice minutes used for all cellular calls.
C.    The telephone numbers dialed and received.
D.    The SMS message content sent and received.
E.    The cellular data use in terms of total bytes sent and received.

Answer: DE

What on-premises component is needed to integrate Horizon VDI with Workspace ONE?

A.    VMware Tunnel
B.    VMware Enterprise System Connector
C.    AirWatch Content Gateway
D.    VMware Unified Access Gateway

Answer: D

The Workspace ONE application requires what minimum level of device security before allowing users to log in on iOS or Android devices?

A.    Biometric authentication.
B.    Mobile Device Management.
C.    Six digit alphanumeric device passcode.
D.    Four digit numeric device PIN.

Answer: B

What three components does the Workspace ONE configuration wizard set up for the administrator? (Choose three.)

A.    API connectivity between VMware Identity Manager and Horizon
B.    Mobile Single Sign-On
C.    Workspace ONE catalog
D.    API connectivity between AirWatch and VMware Identity Manager
E.    Conditional access policies
F.    API connectivity between AirWatch and Horizon

Answer: BCD

What two steps would an administrator take to troubleshoot iOS devices that are not communicating with the console? (Choose two.)

A.    Confirm that the iOS devices have network connection.
B.    Confirm that the APNs certificate is still valid.
C.    Confirm that AWCM is running.
D.    Confirm that the VPP token is valid.
E.    Confirm that DEP is enabled.

Answer: AB

Which three are configured through a VMware Identity Manager Access Policy? (Choose three.)

A.    Authentication Methods
B.    Terms of Use
C.    Identity Providers
D.    Device Type
E.    Network Range

Answer: ACD

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